The three-day Technical Stock Taking Conference is being organized from 21 - 23 May 2024 to further advance HGSF initiatives in the ECOWAS region. 

The  Conference that will be hosted by ECOWAS, WFP and other stakeholders aims to achieve the following objectives: 

1. Ensure Costed National Commitments and Financing Mechanisms: The conference will prioritize ensuring that national commitments to Homegrown School Feeding (HGSF) initiatives are accurately costed and supported by financing mechanisms from International Financial Institutions (IFIs), donors, and other innovative and sustainable financing initiatives. This will be achieved through a dedicated half-day session on financing, where evidence from upcoming publications on the role of IFIs and other financing mechanisms will be discussed. The aim of this session is to address evidence gaps and align national commitments with available financing opportunities, ensuring effective implementation of HGSF programs across ECOWAS member states. 

2. Present Best Practices and Institutional Models: Another objective is to showcase best practices and propose institutional models for HGSF initiatives. By sharing successful experiences and innovative approaches, the conference seeks to facilitate learning and inspire the adoption of effective strategies among ECOWAS member states. 

3. Support Knowledge Exchange, Monitoring, and Stakeholder Engagement: The final objective is to foster knowledge exchange among West African countries, advocate for the establishment of knowledge-sharing platforms, and robust monitoring mechanisms to facilitate the exchange of best practices and track progress against commitments and targets. Through collaborative discussions, sharing of insights, and active engagement of diverse stakeholders including government agencies, civil society organizations, and community members, the conference will define the support needed by national governments to advance the implementation of School Meal Coalition (SMC) national commitments.